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The Ides of March

Shaidar a posted Mar 14, 13
Season's Greetings Everyone!

Vacations, PAX East, Drunken Trivia, Blizzard locking player accounts because they thought we'd sold them and oh yeah... some raiding going on as well.

Progression has been frustratingly slow this tier for all of us. We were expecting to be quite a bit behind our normal 50-200US ranking this tier as we began to build the chemistry needed with some of our newer members but this has been coupled with what might be the worst possible timing for this patch as far as planned absences go for our raiders. We've yet to have a raid with a full roster of Raiders/Applicants (many many thanks to those retired folks and social members who have stepped up and allowed us to still raid) and we've had extremely bad luck with people needing to take a step away from the game for serious life events.

All that being said, we're extremely proud and happy at the way we're all taking these various shots to the chin and frustrations with progression. They are all beyond our control and the team has been very good about staying positive and continuing to have fun despite these series of unfortunate events. It's a group of players like this that make raiding through the think and thin of this game still an enjoyable experience.

We're still in need of a few players to make this roster solid and deep enough to tackle all the content we want with out having to ask our other ranks in guild to step up. We're looking for a skilled plate tank, a hunter, a spirit wearing shaman, and one solid healer. We currently have some decent flexibility in mains as this is the start of the tier but as we start to gain gear in ToT we're going to be more restrictive in what we can accept and what alts we can easily swap to.

In other news, a number of us will be at PAX East next week so if  you see us, say hello! I'll be working in the Expo hall over in the area of booths 912/1012/1112, just look for the tall nerd in a long-sleeve red shirt :)


Edit: I should mention, for those of you that watch our streams, that due to some odd absences this coming week we'll be raiding n Monday the 18th and Wednesday the 21st but not Tuesday the 20th.
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